Mogwai – New Song – Remurdered


Every announcement of a new album or song from Mogwai is something I get pretty excited about. New song “Remurdered” definitely seems inspired by the soundtrack the band did for Les Revenants, a French TV thriller about dead people that return to life. The song is great, and I really love that album artwork up above. Can’t wait for this to come out in January 2014.

Beacon – The Ways We Separate


The Ways We Separate, by Beacon, is easily one of my favorite albums of the year. Looking forward to seeing them with Shigeto next month here in Chicago.

From Ghostly International:

The best music is music that can make you think as well as feel, sounds that are as visceral as they are cerebral. And the best love songs are those that acknowledge that the power of human sexuality can be just as terrifying as it is thrilling, that the passion that leads us to love can also lead us into dark, dark places.
Welcome to the world of Brooklyn duo Beacon, who explore the dark side of the sweet melody with a sound that’s as seductive as it is subtly discomfiting. The duo – Thomas Mullarney III and Jacob Gossett – met at Brooklyn’s Pratt Institute, where they were studying sculpture and painting respectively. As with many other great musical partnerships, this one involves two disparate sets of influences coming together to form a sound that’s both fresh and exciting. They fuse the deceptively sweet melodies of R&B with an intoxicating undercurrent of darkness, drawing on influence as disparate as Warp’s back catalogue and Underworld.
The fusion of these two sounds – R&B’s melody and sexuality, electronic music’s complexity and, especially, the bass - heavy sound design of Mullarney’s influences (“Bass is key to our music,” he enthuses, “big, thunderous rap bass”) – would provide a blueprint for Beacon’s own sound: there’s a duality at play here, an idea of something dark lurking beneath a sleek veneer, a sense of latent conflict and uncertain resolution. “I think the balance of inhibitions is at the core of my own songwriting,” says Mullarney. “The love songs we write are ones that have an inherent guilt implied. Inside love lives a more sinister, carnal element that is constantly being subdued or released.”
The duo’s first release is the No Body EP, four songs that deftly walk the line between seductive and sinister. The production takes as much from the world of non-vocal electronic music as it does from R&B and hip hop, setting Mullarney’s vocals against backdrops that define as much of the song’s atmosphere as do the words themselves. As Mullarney says, “We’re channeling some parts of R&B’s aesthetic, and updating them with today’s ambient, electronic instrumentation.” The result? “A kind of displaced, atmospheric pop.” Music for the 21st century, indeed.

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Experiments In Speed

Experiments In Speed

I came across this documentary preview earlier tonight, about a guy who built a fixed-gear bike capable of more than 80 miles an hour. Excited to see the full movie, and more information can be found here.

The Savages – Silence Yourself


The album Silence Yourself from London band The Savages has quickly become one of my favorites to listen to lately. There’s a pretty noticeable Siouxsie & the Banshees influence, the guitars cut like knives, and their overall sound seems a few decades-old; they would been perfect alongside Joy Division at a live show. The video for opening song Shut Up is included below – the song kicks in just a bit after 1:00.

Foals – Holy Fire


I’ve become massively addicted to this album and the song My Number really makes me crave summer and being outside in the sun. Foals are from  Oxford, England, and they are currently signed to Transgressive Records in the United Kingdom and Sub Pop in the United States. Holy Fire is their third album and was released on February 11, 2013. The video for My Number is included below, along with the Totally Extinct Dinosaurs remix of the same song. The whole album is great – so find it on Spotify and iTunes.

Sigur Ros – New Album Kveikur Due June 17


I’m excited to hear news of a new Sigur Ros album release this summer, – their seventh album and first with XL Recordings. on New single and video Brennisteinn below; a perfectly creepy video and a song that reminds me much more of some of the larger songs on ( ) than the last couple of albums.

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Metz – METZ

Every time year-end best of lists come out, there’s bound to be something I missed throughout the year. One of those albums is by Metz, and it rules. It’s a great companion to Celebration Rock by Japandroids in terms of making me feel like I’d be rocking this very loudly in high school, spending days after school either playing guitar in my own band, or cruising our usual spots to go skateboarding. It’s gonna be good stuff to snowboard to this winter.

Info on Metz at Sub Pop